The Word That Can't Be Spoken

After reading One Word with our church small group, I had an idea of what I thought our family’s word for 2014 should be. But I was wrong. Dead wrong.

As Hubby sat across from me at the kitchen table, my jaw dropped when he announced our word. I knew I had to call our friends for an intervention. Hubby had lost his mind! (He's been married to me for twenty-four years so it was bound to happen.) As I continued to stare at him, mouth agape, he repeated, “Prosper.”

Are you kidding me? We had been swept away with prosperity teaching back in the early years of our marriage, and it’s a place I didn’t care to return to. The name it, claim it, believe it, receive it mentality had proven itself shallow and self-centered. I was speechless- utterly speechless- which is unfamiliar territory for me.

As I tried to orient myself to this new speechless land of disillusion, I heard a distant voice, “Did you hear me? It’s prosper.”

P-R-O-S-P-E-R. No, it can’t be! That’s the word that can’t be spoken! How can it be our One Word?

Hubby sat patiently, waiting for the word that can’t be spoken to sink in.

P-R-O-S-P-E-R   P-R-O-S-P-E-R   An obnoxious cheerleader was spelling out the word, pom poms shaking in my face. P-R-O-S-P-E-R  “Gooooo team!”

NO! I don’t want to be on this team! Materialistic. Greedy. Temporal. I abhor Team Prosperity. I want to be on Team Altruistic. I'm a social worker for goodness sakes. I can't change teams now!

As if reading my mind, Hubby said, “It’s not what you think. I don’t mean material prosperity. God is calling me to be intentional about prospering our marriage, prospering our relationships with our children and friends, prospering by becoming physically healthier and prospering spiritually as we deepen our faith.”

Thank God! The obnoxious cheerleader was silenced. Then, I heard a sweet whisper. I think it may have been my Father. Prosper. It was long season of drought, struggle and unanswered prayers. You can read some of my journey here. Waiting on Pearls

Now there is  light. I feel warmth. I am consumed by peace. I am prospering. There is a pearl.

In less than two weeks since the cheerleader was muted and my Father spoke clearly, I have been promoted to Program Director of Compassionate Care Hospice and I have signed a book contract.

But if you think that's why I'm prospering, you would be wrong. Dead wrong. I am prospering because I know that regardless of my circumstance, whether I am in a season of weeping or laughing, mourning or dancing, feast or famine, my God is still the same loving, faithful Father full of grace and wisdom. He knows just what each of  His children needs and gives it in abundance in His perfect timing. Living in His presence, savoring the peace only He can give, is true prosperity. And without that, none of the other things really matter.