Midwife to the Soul

The final labor has begun.
The Creator sends a midwife in his stead.
One of compassion, strength, and wisdom.
She whispers to the dying,
Relinquish your pain, dear one.
Inhale eternal Peace.
Let go of all regrets;
Breathe in forever Love.

Questions from anxious loved ones flood her.
When will the suffering end?
How much more must we endure?
She encourages the brokenhearted,
Relinquish your pain, dear family.
Inhale eternal Peace.
Let go of all regrets;
Breathe in forever Love.

Life's light is dimming.
Gentle hands caress tense muscles.
Melodic words coach panted breaths.
Strong arms cradle the broken.

Trembling lips hum final encouragement.
Relinquish your pain, dear one.
Inhale eternal Peace.
Let go of all regrets;
Breathe in forever Love.

The laborer exhales and all is still.
Her light is extinguished.
Weeping fills the room.
The midwife's tears cascade with theirs
to an ocean of raw sorrow.

The midwife bathes the mortal body the laborer has cast-off.
She pauses, gazing at the withered hand.
Inhales deeply.
Exales fully.
Warm Light consumes her soul for she knows . . .

All pain is relinquished.
Regrets vanished.
Brokenness is made whole.
At last, the laborer is reborn,
Breathing eternal Peace,
Living with her forever Love.


     Without warning, the unexpected came. Grief wounds once healed were ripped open. The pain seeped into every crevice. Well-meaning friends offered words meant to comfort and encourage, but they fell on her ears as trite and judgmental.    
     In her pain, she grabbed a vase and slung it against the wall, shattering it. She screamed as she picked up a blue glass and dropped it on the floor. She continued to weep as she chose a yellow glass bowl and bashed it against the other wall. The confusion, the anger, the hurt lay among the broken pieces of glass. She fell to the ground and released hot angry tears. Her body heaved as suffocating loss imploded.
     Finally emptied of all feeling, she collapsed in silence. The sun set. Darkness came. She remained still. Numb. Spent. Exhausted. 
   Just when she thought the blackness would have her, the sun rose. Love breathed warmth on her. Gentleness caressed her. She knew the touch. It was her Creator’s. The all-knowing, forever-loving One. She sighed as He tenderly stroked her hair. Resting her head against his chest, she gazed at the broken glass wet with her tears.
     Her Father hugged her and then gently moved her away. She watched in awe as He began sifting through the shards of glass, discarding some while rescuing others. He worked meticulously, ever so patient. He glanced over at her, and without a word, he nodded reassurance.
      Transfixed by Compassion, her pain-etched forehead softened. Her lips slowly formed a hint of a smile. The Comforter continued to work, arranging her brokenness. Piece by broken piece. When He was done, he winked at her and miraculously all the pieces fused to create a beautiful kaleidoscope. He raised the stained-glass to the window and commanded the sun to shine through it. The beams poured through the masterpiece. Her Father invited her to dance- a dance of new beginnings. 
     Whatever you’re facing today, please know a loving God sees you. He hears your cries. He is here to hold you as He creates something beautiful from your grief and brokenness. 

“He hath made everything beautiful in his time.”  Ecc. 3:11