Love Notes

    When is the last time you received a love note? A little reminder that someone is thinking of you, somebody cares what you’re going through.  A few scribbled words can turn a mundane day into an unforgettably awesome one. It’s even better when it’s divinely penned. Ever gotten a love note from God?
     At first glance, some may seem like coincidences, while others are obvious, as though God is yelling, “I’m here! I love you!” I’ll give you an example. A few years back, I had a hospice ministry, The Agape House.  My hope was that my dad would be my first patient, but about six months before we opened, he died of Alzheimer’s.  His journey to heaven was excruciatingly long and painful, leaving us with broken hearts and unanswered questions.
     On November 8th, the day he would have turned 65, I sat at my desk, looking over the medical records of a lady with Alzheimer’s. I was to admit her to the Agape House that afternoon. As my eyes filled with tears, I thought, I can’t do this. There is no way I can keep it together . . .  not today. A dark, melancholy sadness welled in my throat making it difficult to swallow. Have you ever had that Does God really care? feeling?
      I flipped open my Bible and a church bulletin fell out. Enclosed was a prayer calendar. I loved the idea of knowing that thousands in my church were collectively praying for the same need. Typical needs were “traveling mercies for a mission team.”  I was astounded to discover that November 8th read, “Agape House staff as they minister to the dying.”
     This may not seem significant. But I knew God was sending a gentle reminder that he knew exactly where I was, what I was going through. And not only did He know, He cared. I knew no one in my church knew my dad's birthday, yet God, in his magnificent mercy, orchestrated it so that many were praying for me on this sad day. Out of 365 days that this could have been a prayer request, should I assume that it just randomly fell on my dad’s birthday? The day I was heading for a complete meltdown?    
     How incredible to know that the Creator of the universe still sends reminders, sweet love notes to his children. 

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