My But's Too Big

I’ve been thinking about my buts lately. Notice I said “but” not “butt”. I’ll save the latter for another day.  

When I was a teen, my best friend and I begged her dad to let us go on a little road trip. She had a convincing argument and every time he interjected with a reason that it was not a good idea, she retorted, “but Daddy . . .” Finally, in exasperation, he yelled, “Enough! The only butt in this conversation is for whipping.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. My friend didn’t think it was too funny, seems he had used the line countless times throughout her childhood. But I digress, back to my buts. Here’s what my big buts look like.

“I would love to start my second novel, BUT life is too busy right now.”
“I want to serve in my church, BUT Sunday is my one day off.”
“I wish I could exercise more and eat less, BUT it’s just so hard." (For the full effect you have to imagine me saying this in an irritating, whiney voice.)

I’m sure there’s more, but that’s enough to focus on for today. I’m committing to take my big but to God and see what He wants me do. I’ve got a feeling that with him in the picture, my but is not as big as I think. In fact, as I write, I just decided to give myself  7 days to get rid of my big but. Have any buts you need to get rid of?

By the way, there are some buts I’m thankful for, especially this one, the greatest but in the universe.  “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish BUT have eternal life.” John 3:16 


  1. You have a way with words, girlfriend...I love this post...

    You have really made me think about the "buts" in my life and what am I going to do with them....Your advice is right on...Take them to the Lord and see what He says...and stop playing the "but" game....

    Hugs and blessings,

  2. I agree with Nancy - you're a natural writer! I love reading your posts.

    I definitely have the "I would exercise but..." insert myriad of excuses. What do you do when God is telling you to do something and you have your big but in the way? I'm stuck there right now, but working on it. :-)

    Yes - write that second book!!!


  3. I wouldn't worry too much b/c you are in some pretty good company. The Bible has plenty of references to people with some pretty big 'buts' and God still used them mightily. Moses comes to mind - Remember the whole "Here am I...send Aaron" conversation in Exodus 4? Also, check out Judges 6 to see how many times the mighty warrior Gideon (while hiding in a hole threshing wheat on a winepress) brings up his big 'buts'.

    Should grant us all some encouragement.

  4. I love that line from your gf's dad! Wish I'd have thought of it when I was raising my kids.

    "I need to pull weeds, but it's so hot outside..."

  5. I love this post. If you are at all interested in doing this as a guest post on my blog, it would be a perfect fit. :) Thanks so much for sharing your heart!

  6. A great post Susan; I am already thinking of my "buts", and exactly what I am going to do about them! Ha!

    Thanks for the inspiration this morning! :)

  7. Yep, don't recall Jesus ever saying, "But.."

  8. Hi Susan,
    Thanks for your words of encouragment yesterday. Do you have any idea of how BIG it is when you hear the words "I'm praying for you, you've been on my heart lately?" I've read several of your blogs. You're a great writer! May you be blessed yourself today!
    Carol Rinehart