He Made It!

Just a quick follow-up to "Through His Eyes". My friend has been released from his broken body and is now perfect and whole with a strong voice and smooth skin.  He fought the good fight (and what a battle it was), kept his faith (that inspired us all) and finished his race (in first place, I might add). I'm celebrating with his family. . . Oh, happy day!


  1. Susan,
    This is a glorious end to the story! I bet you feel honored to have known him and to have been there for him. He has fought the battle and won the race. Thank you for writing these beautiful posts.

  2. It was an honor for sure. Can't wait to see how he looks in heaven. :)

  3. Perfect and whole - indeed! and smiling down from heaven - on you - sweet balm of healing

    Patrina <">><

  4. Hi Susan,
    Good to be here.
    Thank you so much for dropping in and for the follow. Your pages are really worth reading.

    Yes, Apostle Paul had this vision; each and every believer in Christ should have this vision in our life.
    Lets go forward to finish that race,
    let us all have that faith in us to go forward
    to join together to many went before us, and fought before us.
    Yes, “He Made it”,
    Let us also strive to fulfill that task before us.
    Thanks Susan for the alert by sharing this thought again.
    Best regards
    I joined in.